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Alternate Air Induction

I got the Vans snorkel kit for my air induction requirements. This is a great kit, that is very complete. It even came with an alternative air door assembly and pull cable + bulkhead knob. Problem was, the cable kit was too short for my plane. I started to make steps to procure longer cable and housing, when I noticed how heavy and overkill the cable and conduit was for the duty it had to perform; it might never get activated in anger in its lifetime, and if used, one pull is required. So, I got to thinking of lighter alternatives...

...I purchased a long brake cable for a tandem bicycle, cable housing, and a carbon fiber BMX type mini brake lever. I didn't weigh it all, but i am sure it's all about a 1/3 of the original system weight. Cable $8, cable housing $4.99, and the lever $20.

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